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Hello. We are Ice Animations, the largest VFX and animation house in Pakistan.

With over a decade worth of experience, our decorated portfolio comprises of Hollywood feature films, International television commercials and Animated television shows.

ICE Animations is a multi-award winning studio with one of the most advanced IT infrastructures in the country. We are an integral part of the Lakson Group, one of the largest business conglomerates in Pakistan.

Our Milestones

Cartoon Network Mansour S01-S04



VFX Breakdown Reel

RIO Obo’s land



Cocomo 2019

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Over 150 Artists working with state of the art modern facilities such as our Motion Capture Studio

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Feature Films

TV Commercials
With one of the most advanced IT infrastructure in the country, we ensure that systems do not limit our drive

Hitachi HUSv SAN, EMC VNXe NAS and EMC NX4 NAS ensure terabytes of storage with automated daily backups to magnetic tapes. This provides long-term data retention with the required backups.

Our IT Infrastructure also includes dedicated Dell M620 Blades rendering which ensure swift transfer of deliverables to clients. The entire infrastructure is powered by state of the art Juniper and Cisco 10G fiber switches and layer 3 routers.

Few of our amazing clients and major works we did for them


  • Mansour Season 1
  • Mansour Season 2
  • Mansour Season 3
  • Mansour Season 4
  • Kung Pow
  • Suntop Season 2
  • Suntop Season 3
  • Suntop Season 4


  • Rio (EBM)
  • Prince (CBL)
  • Cocomo (Ismail Industries)
  • Oreo (CBL)
  • Knorr (Unilever)
  • Dr. Lifebuoy (Unilever)
  • Pushpop (Topps)
  • MatchEms (BCB)
  • Ding Dong (Hilal Foods)
  • Dettol Warriors (RB)
  • Commander Safeguard (P&G)
  • Shoop Noodles (Shaan Foods)
  • Colgate Maxfresh (Colgate)
  • Commander Soap (PCI)
  • Nickelodeon (CTA)
  • Transformer (Battle Master)


  • Big Ass Spider (delivered over 500 VFX shots)
  • King 3 (delivered over 200 VFX shots)
  • Assault on Wall Street (delivered over 400 shots)
  • Waar (delivered over 400 VFX shots)
  • Lavalantula
  • Tales Of Halloween
  • Lavalantula 2
  • Day of Reckoning (delivered over 400 VFX shots)
  • Drone Wars
  • Mindblown

“Best in Animation” 2014, 2015, 2016

P@sha ICT Award

Best VFX for ‘Big Ass Spider!

Saturn Award

Best VFX for ‘Big Ass Spider!’

S+F Award

Best VFX for ‘WAAR’

ARY Award


Digital Studio

We are an integral part of the Lakson Group, one of the largest business conglomerates in the country.